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World's First Shark

Repellent Jewelry

It's kryptonite for sharks!

Proven, patented, proprietary

Fits the whole family

Lose the Fear

Love the Ocean



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Watch Shark OFF Shark Repellent Work!

It Works!
What is it?

Shark Repellent Jewelry!?!

You have a million things to worry about when your family is headed to the beach. We can't prevent sunburn, or getting sand everywhere, but we CAN help prevent shark bites.


Keeping You and Your Family Safe our top priority. We LOVE the ocean but like most people we were afraid of sharks - especially our Boss Momma (CEO), who saw Jaws when she was very young. We were blown away when we found out that technology to repel sharks had been around for YEARS. We jumped at the chance to bring that technology to you and your family. We want everyone to Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean.

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Shark Repellent for the Whole Family

  • Shark OFF is adjustable to fit ALL sizes of wrists and ankles (from 7 to 17 inches!).

  • Our patented repellent alloy is effective for about a meter underwater. For best coverage wear two Shark OFFs: first one on your ankle, and the other on the opposite wrist.

  • The active repellent elements slowly dissolves in water offering over 250 hours of protection in the ocean.

How the...?

How Shark Repellent Works

If you're skeptical, we get it. Sharks are amazing and terrifying creatures. And seriously, what kind of parents would we be if we believed everything we saw on the internet? So let's take a quick dip into the science of how our Shark Repellent bracelet works. If you'd like a deeper dive, visit our Science page HERE.


How DOES Shark OFF work? Everyone has heard that sharks have super powers right? Like they can can sense blood in the water from far away? It's true. But did you know sharks have special receptors that can detect the electricity from the heartbeat of another fish!?! They can! Shark OFF uses those super powers against them. The electrical field created by the electropositive alloy in our bracelets is WAY too strong for those senses - like more than a million times too strong. And yes, it's totally safe for us and the environment. In fact it doesn't affect us at all. But to sharks, it's just blinding. They hate it!

I Want It!

The Bimini

Four pack of JAWsomeness - Our Best Seller!

Our attractive bracelets are the only shark repellent jewelry in the world! Your four pack of JAWsomeness is our most popular offer and we're so excited to come along on your adventures. Please tag us at #SharkOFFLife to follow others enjoying the majestic beauty of our oceans. And most of all - Lose the Fear. Love the Ocean.


Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx & Guest Shark on Shark Tank reviews Shark OFF

Because science

Shark Repellent that Really Works

How could this technology have existed for so long with very few people knowing about it? The scientists at SharkDefense Technologies had been diligently developing this technology to save sharks. Their focus was understandably not on human - shark interactions. After doing our own research on the rare earth elements that have these amazing effects on sharks, we found a combination that met our stringent standards and the Shark OFF bracelet was born. Even with the decade of science already established we knew a working Shark Repellent might still be really hard to believe. So we left the safety of the lab and proved it worked for ourselves with the help and guidance of the Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation in the Bahamas under the watchful eye of the dearly departed "Doc" Gruber.

Shark OFF Shark Repellent Belongs on EVERY Beach Vacation Checklist


Look, we're moms too. We know that keeping our children safe is our top priority, bar none. We also know that the majority of the planning, packing, booking tickets, and daily itineraries land in our laps. So, we'd like to help you with our freakily-comprehensive, hack-filled FREE Beach Vacation Planning Guide. It includes all of the things to keep your kids safe at the beach, life jackets, sunscreen, towels, and of course, your Shark OFF Shark Repellent Bracelets.



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Giving Back
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Giving 10% Back to the Oceans

Shark OFF is dedicated to to more than just your peace of mind. Our "super secret" goal is actually to save the oceans and ecosystems. The most direct way we can do that is by donating 10% of our profits to Ocean Voyages Institute in support of their simple, proven, and yet ground breaking efforts to cleanup the massive amounts of plastic trash in our oceans (Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch).

Our more indirect efforts are aimed at helping people world wide to Lose the Fear & Love the Ocean. In so doing we believe that more people will join us to fight the mass extermination of sharks from shark finning. We are also dedicating significant efforts to develop products that will reduce accidental fishing bycatch.

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