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Lose the Fear

Love the Ocean

Our Mission

Shark OFF's Mission

It is Shark OFF’s mission and passion to help millions of beachgoers every year Lose the Fear & Love the Ocean

While there are actually very few shark attacks on humans, the profound fear of them genuinely impacts the beach experience for 90% of beachgoers. A lot of people are afraid of the ocean. But when we talk to people about that fear, of course it’s not a fear of the water itself. It’s a fear of what’s in the deep dark unseen depths. It’s mostly a fear of sharks.

Our proven and patented technology repels curious sharks so you and your loved ones can Lose the Fear & Love the Ocean.

Why Shark OFF?

Why Shark OFF?

Our Why

Shark OFF's Passion

While keeping you and your loved ones safer in the ocean is certainly our mission, our real passion is the ocean. We believe that if people are less afraid of the ocean (and sharks) then they will be less likely to stand by and let them be destroyed. Shark OFF is dedicating significant resources to help mitigate commercial and sports accidental bycatch (fishing) that kills millions of sharks every year. And don't get us started on the disgusting shark finning trade...

More directly, Shark OFF has committed to donate 10% of our profits to physically help clean up our oceans through Ocean Voyages Institute. While some of the more notorious cleanup efforts strive to perfect unproven technology, or reap massive profits in order to do some good, the Ocean Voyages Institute is getting their hands dirty going out and picking up tons of plastic garbage. Their system is simple and proven - first, with help, they scour the seas to find the debris. Then, they tag the floating trash islands with GPS markers. Finally, they employ (many volunteer) fishing vessels that are already nearby to pick up the plastic garbage. Simple and effective.

Ocean Voyages Institute Cleanup Expedition

Ocean Voyages Institute Cleanup Expedition

The Team