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If you are a thrill seeking YouTuber please move along. Sharks are 400-450-million-year old apex predators. You are not. Shark OFF is designed to mitigate UNPROVOKED shark attacks. If you piss off a shark, they will bite you no matter what you are wearing. If you kick them, punch them, stab them, take food from them, try to feed them, or molest them in any way, you will very likely get bit. Shark OFF cannot prevent you from doing stupid things. Sharks have little fear and are very curious, so unless you are a certified shark expert, LEAVE SHARKS ALONE!


Sharks have evolved specifically to do two things extraordinarily well. Hunt. And eat. Fortunately for you, humans are not shark food. That’s why Shark OFF works so well—it tells sharks coming to taste test you that you are not worth the trouble. It’s one last bit of repelling information which confirms them that you’re not a seal or a tasty fishy morsel. There is nothing that will protect you from them if you provoke them.




Shark OFF has proven effective against the species we’ve tested it on. We cannot, however, test it on all 489 species of sharks. We will continue testing on various shark species that are responsible for biting people. However, just like birth control, the ONLY 100% IRONCLAD GUARANTEE for not getting bitten by a shark is to stay out of the water.


Are you starting to see a trend here? Don’t mess with sharks. They are unpredictable and highly dangerous. If you see a shark in the water calmly but QUICKLY LEAVE. Shark OFF will help you with the sharks you don’t see but once you do, it’s time to get out of the water.


As the buyer/wearer of Shark OFF you acknowledge that Shark OFF is a deterrent and that there is no known guarantee against shark bites. The buyer/wearer assumes all risks associated with entering waters where sharks or other dangerous animals live. The buyer/wearer holds Shark OFF LLC harmless from any and all injury or personal or property damage. See the OFFICIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS

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