The Rio Azure

The Rio Azure


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This attractive bracelet is the only proven shark repellent jewelry in the world! Did you ever look at the ocean and marvel at the brilliant colors that exist in nature? That’s the awe the azure blue of the ocean in the Bahamas inspired in us.


The Rio was designed to stand up to more active lifestyles. It’s also easier to get on and off the little ones’ ankles. We make the Rio by hand with real Velcro® so it stays put when you are having fun in the water. 


Check out these pro tips:

  • Done loving the ocean for the day? Rinse your Shark OFF thoroughly with clear water and let it air dry. No plastic bags!
  • Wear your first Shark OFF on your ankle. Seventy percent of shark bites happen on the lower extremities. 

We're so excited to come along on your adventures! Show us your Shark OFF by tagging us at #SharkOFFLife or @theSharkOFF. And most of all - Lose the Fear. Love the Ocean.


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