The Rio Violet

The Rio Violet


This special Rio has a place in our hearts like no other. Violet was 3-years-old when she was bitten by a shark at the beach that had always been her playground, Bathtub Beach. She was swimming in about 18 inches of water when a bull shark followed a trail of blood left by spearfishermen exiting the water through a swimming beach with their dying, bleeding catch. Violet's mother, Jessica, worked diligently, changing state fishing regulations and making beaches safe for families all over Florida. 

A few years later, Jessica found Shark OFF and ordered enough for the whole family. She shared her story and some impactful pictures with Boss Momma, who promptly refunded the entire order and sent it out immediately (while weeping - ‘cause mommas connect like that). 

Finally, after 2 years, armed with this new legislation and her Shark OFFs, Violet was free to swim in the ocean again. Now, almost 5 years later, Violet has made more than a full recovery, she has found her life’s calling. She wants to be a marine biologist! 

We are honored that Jessica and Violet have allowed us to be part of their story. Do you want to be part of Violet’s story? You can! Buy a Rio Violet and $1 from your purchase goes to Violet’s college fund. You can help make her dream come true! 


The Rio was designed to stand up to more active lifestyles. It’s also easier to get on and off the little ones’ ankles. We make the Rio by hand with real Velcro® so it stays put when you are having fun in the water. Our new silicone loop keeps the layers of Velcro® right where you want them. 

Check out these pro tips:

Done loving the ocean for the day?

  • Rinse your Shark OFF thoroughly with clear water and let it air dry.
  • No plastic bags or other plastic containers!

Here's how to fit and wear your Shark OFF.

  • Wear your first Shark OFF on your ankle. Seventy percent of shark bites happen on the lower extremities.
  • Trim the velcro to fit you! Leave an extra 1/2 inch for easy off/on.
  • Use the silicone loop to secure the Velcro layers together - just like a watch.

We're so excited you are bringing the world's ONLY shark repellent jewelry along on your adventures!Show us your Shark OFF by tagging us at #SharkOFFLife or @theSharkOFF. And most of all...Lose the Fear. Love the Ocean.


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