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Out with the Old, In with the New: A Reflection on 2020

Whew! We made it to 2021. We hope you and yours are healthy and taking a breath now that 2020 is officially over. We are looking back at we learned from 2020 and what we are looking forward to in 2021.

We made it! (I know. It’s worth repeating.) We are lucky to be one of the businesses that survived 2020. With masks, quarantining, virtual school for Lil’ Kahuna, no one traveling, too much time together, everybody getting hairy, and enough freaking Zoom meetings to choke a rhino, we are glad to hopefully be on the downhill side of the pandemic. We missed our family, friends in the entrepreneur community here in KC, and the friends we made on the trade show circuit. We learned how much we love hugging people, how sharing the Shark OFF story keeps us energized, and that being stuck at home does make you declutter and fix the crap you’ve been staring at for years. Most of all, we were remined about how deeply blessed we are. Thanks to all of you for riding this rollercoaster with us.

This new year is bringing lots of cool things with it. We will be introducing a new color in our Rio line. It’s one we love and have wanted for a while. We hope you will love it too! We are crossing our fingers that the vaccine distribution is fast and successful so everyone can get back into the water. We’re crossing our fingers that the resellers who carry our products around the country have survived and will thrive again when everyone explodes from their homes. We can’t wait to get back to SurfExpo. Most of all, we are excited to help people Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean again.

We wish you health & happiness in 2021. And don’t forget your Shark OFF when it’s finally safe to go to the beach again!

Wait! Before you go, we have to let you know that we are discontinuing our Rio Honu, so get it while it's still around for just $25!

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