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All-Natural DIY Beauty Hacks for the Beach

Getting ready to head to the beach this summer?! We could all use a good vacation right about now. Wait a sec! Before you head out to the beach, you don’t want to forget the essentials. As wonderful as the ocean is, some of the elements can be damaging to our hair and skin. Be prepared and pack these items before you go on your beach vacation! Also, don’t forget your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry!


Coconut oil

You’ve heard people rave about coconut oil I’m sure, but it really is worth the hype! It has so many uses! Use it for some extra moisture for supple skin (because that summer heat is no joke) or use it as a gentle but super effective makeup remover. Most importantly, though, coconut oil will save your hair at the beach. A combination of wind, saltwater, chlorine, and the blazing sun can easily make your hair dry and damaged. Before you hit the beach or the pool, put a small amount (we don’t want to make it look greasy) of coconut oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together (the warmth of your hands will make it melt a bit), and run it through your hair, focusing on the ends. Bam! Not only will this add some moisture back into your hair, it will also act as a shield! (And our proven, tested shark repellent jewelry also acts as a shield against sharks!)

DIY detangler

Again, after all that wind and salt-water, our hair will probably look pretty fabulous and effortless, but lowkey, it’s probably pretty tangled. Easy fix! All you need is a spray bottle and your conditioner. Just put 2-3 tablespoons of conditioner in your spray bottle, fill the rest of it up with warm water, and essential oils (totally optional) for some “smell good”. Shake, shake, shake and you’re done! Spray those tangles away.

All-natural bug spray

We’ve mentioned this before on our blogs, but Deet is no good for marine life (protect the sharks)! Instead, make your own bug spray with essential oils (lavender, lemongrass, citronella, and tea tree work best) to naturally repel insects. Honestly, it’ll double as a body spray (just go easy on the tea tree oil since it has a very strong scent).

Overnight sunburn fix

No matter how thorough we try to be when applying sunscreen, it seems like we always miss a spot or reapply a little too late at the beach.Check out this super easy overnight sunburn relief. All you need is coconut oil (coconut oil...the holy grail), apple cider vinegar, and a spray bottle.


We hope you found these beach beauty essentials helpful. Not only are they super simple, they’re all-natural. Good for your hair and skin AND the environment; it’s a win-win! Have a wonderful time at the beach (or on your stay-cation).

Again, don’t forget to pack your shark repellent jewelry before you embark on your fabulous getaway! Spend more time relaxing and less time worrying at the beach with a Shark OFF bracelet. And a quick reminder: for the month of July we are donating 10% of our proceeds to The Bail Project. We’re putting our money where our mouths are because freedom should be free. Also, use code FREEDOM1010 for 10% off your order.

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