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Beach Vacay on a Budget

Here at Shark OFF, we know that this summer, everything is quite different. One of those many, many things? Summer vacation and the extensive planning that goes along with it. We’re here to offer some travel tips to help you navigate through this unprecedented time, so you can still have some (affordable) family fun and make that much-needed vacation happen!


We realize that many families are taking a hard financial hit due to the virus this year. Maybe taking a summer vacation isn’t even in the works this year - we get it. No matter the season or economy, it’s always a good idea (and a great feeling) to save money and get bargains, though. We’re here to help you with some savvy travel planning tips, regardless of whether you’re using these travel tips now or are keeping them around for later.


Ditch the resort.

Ditch the “all inclusive resort”. Sometimes, that “all inclusive” title can be deceiving and the little fees here and there begin to add up. Save money by getting an Airbnb or a VRBO or similar rental. You’ll save money and you’re a whole lot more likely to actually experience and enjoy the local culture. Also, leading to our next tip, try to rent a place with a kitchen.

Make your own meals.

So, your rental has a kitchen? Use it! We get it though, you’re on vacation; you don’t always want to cook. We’re not saying cook every meal! Just cooking some here and there will save tons of money. Imagine how much money you can save if you just eat all of your breakfasts at “home”! Also, making your own meals means you can afford to eat fresh seafood fresh off the boat (prepared at the house, of course) wayyy more than if you were dining out! Crab boils are so easy to make - it’ll hardly feel like cooking.

Umm… also think about how much money you’ll save just from making coffee in your Airbnb. Because, let’s be real, hotel coffee is pretty bad.

Shop at local markets.

Again, soak up that local culture! Shop at local markets, especially when it comes to seafood, and enjoy the street vendors and food trucks. You won’t regret it. Also, locally sourced food just tastes better.

Go “incognito”

Okay… this is honestly one of our favorite travel tips, and we’ve got a lot of them, so that’s saying something! Next time you’re about to book a flight, hotel, you name it, make sure to use “incognito” mode on your web browser to trick travel sites into thinking you’re a first time visitor to get all those discounts. Instant, easy savings!


We hope you enjoyed these money saving travel tips. We want to help make your next beach vacay affordable and fun - we know you deserve a vacation! But before you go, don’t forget to order your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry. Shark OFF will help you “Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean” on your next adventure.

Also, to help make our shark repellent jewelry more affordable for you and the whole family, we are offering a 10% coupon for the whole month of July. Just use code FREEDOM1010 at check out. But that's not all...our sale gives back:10% of all sales this month are going to The Bail Project. Oh, and follow us on social media to stay in the loop in regards to our Monday Flash Sales. Every week, we choose one of our shark repellent bracelets to be discounted 20% for the day! Enjoy and safe travels!

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