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De-stressing During the Holiday Season

This year’s holiday season is looking a little different than usual. And while there may not be a lot we can do to change that, we shouldn’t let it get us down this holiday season. Now, if you’re anything like us, then this time of year can be a little stressful in a normal year. With everything that is in the air (literally AND figuratively) it’s important to keep a level head for the family. To get there, we have put together some of our favorite strategies to use in the coming weeks. Without further ado, here is your guide to de-stressing during the holiday season... during a global pandemic and one hell of a stressful year.


Take a Screen Break

I’ve started trying to do this on the weekends. Putting my phone away, avoiding the work laptop, and instead going for a walk or talking with friends in person. Especially since so much of our world has become digital, finding any time away from these devices are a great way to find some silence in your day.

Can’t ditch the phone for work? At least try leaving it in the other room, or at least out of arm’s reach. This will keep you from impulsively checking the device every six seconds, though still allow you to check major notifications if needed.

Care for Yourself

Whatever this means for you. A nap, a healthy meal, a calm walk, or having the spouse watch the kids for the afternoon. Speaking from experience, it is all too easy to tell yourself that you can take on the world and then some. Remember that everybody has their limits and this is not a negative thing -- the holidays are for relaxation and celebration!

Find an Outlet

Some folks find it best to talk about their stresses with friends or family, others would rather put their’s into art or vigorous exercise. There is no right answer here, it is whatever works for you in the moment. If you’re lacking some insight here, check out this helpful list!

Imagine You’re on a Beach

Lastly, and one of my favorites, use guided imagery to take yourself away from your current stressors for a few moments. You might sit, or lay, down in a quiet space for a little while with your eyes closed. Imagine you are somewhere incredibly relaxing, being as detailed as you can. If you imagine yourself on a beach, then let yourself hear the waves break onto the sand, listen for the birds overhead. Imagine the warm sand underneath your body and feel the sun on your skin. This imagery helps us take a step away from the chaos of our day-to-day and find some peace outside ourselves.


We hope that these techniques are as helpful for you as they are for us. Do you have any techniques that have worked for you? We would love to hear about them in the comments or on social media! We are all trying to make the best of a difficult holiday season, and it will be great! Just remember to hold back some time for yourself and just breath.

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