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Mother's Day from Afar

We know that things are tough right now. Trust us, we are hoping and waiting for things to get back to “normal” again soon. While many of us did family Easter via a Zoom call, we’re getting ready to do the same thing again for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re a mom, dad, daughter, son, or anyone else, we want to help you make this Mother’s Day special for the woman you are celebrating. Even though you may not be able to give your mom (or grandma or aunt or whoever else that has played an important motherly role in your life) the *greatest* gift of being there in person (that’s what moms always say, right?), we want to help make this day feel personal in spite of the distance.

Start with breakfast!

Okay, so maybe you can’t do breakfast in bed, but you sure can do doorstep delivery - that’s pretty close, right? It’s a win-win: you’re taking care of your mom while supporting a local restaurant!

Also, another great idea is to give her a gift card to her favorite local restaurant, so she can get whatever she wants, whenever.

Send a card!

Ditch the generic cards and send a nice, long, handwritten card to your mom. Check out sites like Etsy for a unique, handmade card (this one even comes with a matching bookmark that moms are sure to love)! Really take some time to sit down and write a meaningful letter.

Keep the gift going.

Please video chat with your mom this Mother’s Day, but keep it going! Schedule a weekly (or more than weekly) video call “date” with your mom. Right now, it’s definitely easy to retreat to isolation, being at home all the time. Use this extra time at home to reconnect with the most important people in your life, like your mom! Oh, and by the way, it’s even better if you can get the entire family in for a conference video call!

Grocery delivery...but make it fun!

Send your mama a grocery delivery -- but make sure it’s a fun one! Order her favorite bakery treat, her favorite springtime flowers, a bottle of Moscato, local honey, some quality lotion or candle (local is best), dry shampoo....wait, are we just thinking of things that we would want now?! Anyway, send her a fun and sweet care package of the things that you know she loves, but wouldn’t usually purchase for herself.

Oh, and pro-tip: if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member then you qualify for free Whole Foods delivery and they have some damn good bakery goodies, along with a great wine and cheese selection. Just sayin’.

A Shark OFF bracelet... duh!

Did you really think we wouldn’t mention this? Give your mama piece of mind the next time she’s at the beach and buy her a Shark OFF shark repellent bracelet; it’s kryptonite for sharks! Use the code “SwimMom” for 10% off your entire order (P.S. it’s cheaper to buy a bundle pack).

We hope you find these Mother’s Day ideas helpful! Although we’d all much rather be able to see the important women in our life in person, we still want this day to feel personal and special. Let us know your Mother’s Day plans in the comments below! Oh, and remember to try to support local businesses when purchasing your gifts!

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