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Pros and Cons: Spending Christmas at the Beach

We know that heading to the beach is not the priority right now. We also know that the holidays look very different this year. But it’s never too early to start brainstorming for safer days. Would you want to spend Christmas at the beach? We did some brainstorming…



What about the traditions?

My family has a tradition of staying up just past midnight on Christmas Eve to see the holiday as the clock strikes twelve. We all seem to have our own family traditions that we like to keep up with -- how could we miss them?

What about the snow?

Doesn’t everybody want a white Christmas? Waking up to the sleet in the trees sets the morning to a festive start. It’s hard to catch that snow on the beach!

Isn’t travel expensive?

Christmas is already a time to spend a lot of money on gifts, why spend even more on travel when you can keep up the holiday at home?



Less stress.

As fun as it is to have the family over for dinner, it does make for a lot of cooking. And dishes. And cleaning. And, often, stress. Why not get away from it for a bit?

Less money.

Travel can be expensive, but beach travel in the winter is usually less of a blow on the wallet. Heading to the beach this December is going to be a much better deal than in July. Not to mention, the trip is a gift for the whole family to spend some time with one another.

White Sand

You might not be able to catch the white snow at the beach, but you can absolutely catch the white sand!

New Traditions

While you might not be able keep up all of the old traditions perfectly when you head to the beach, you can absolutely modify them! Or even make up new ones -- sometimes change is just what we need to celebrate the end of a year.


Like we said: this is not a great holiday season to travel to the beach. However, it’s a great time to start thinking about it. We can at least dream, right? Booking in advance and coordinating travel plans is a fantastic way to be even less stressed out during the holiday season.

What do you say -- would you spend Christmas at the beach?

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