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Red, White and Blue: Sweet Treats for the Family

Where are you spending the Fourth of July this year? At home, on the beach, with family, or elsewhere? Regardless of where you’re spending the Fourth, we’ve compiled some tasty (and patriotic) dessert recipes that the whole family will be sure to love. Also, these treats are travel friendly - they can be made beforehand and stored in the cooler or picnic basket so you can enjoy them at the beach!

For the whole family:

  • Apple Hand Pies

Okay, what’s more American than apple pie?! Also, no one wants to bring a whole pie to the beach. The hand pies are great for the kiddos too! No plates needed.

Bonus: here’s a great recipe for strawberry hand pies, too.

  • Patriotic Candy Park

Savory AND sweet?! This patriotic candy bark is sure to please everyone. You can also easily swap out or add different ingredients to match your preference, of course. This one also transports great - just put it in a reusable bag or Tupperware container and stick it in the cooler!

  • Individual Berry Trifle Cups

Looking for something a little classier, perhaps? Check out this recipe for individual berry trifles. Layers of pound cake, pudding, and berries will make for a dessert the whole family will adore. Pack them in mason jars and stick them in the cooler to enjoy on your beach picnic (and don’t forget the spoons).

  • The Best Lemonade

Ah yes, another American favorite; lemonade! Check out THE best lemonade recipe here. And add some frozen strawberries and blueberries to make it more festive.

For the adults:

  • Sparkling Red, White and Blue Sangria(!!)

This is the absolute perfect drink for the Fourth of July! Made with apples, berries, white wine, and brandy, and topped with sparkling wine, this will be just the thing you want and need at your picnic, regardless of whether or not you’re hanging out on the beach. Check out the recipe here.

  • Raspberry and Lemon Rosé Sparkler

Raise your hand if you’re a Rosé lover! Also, what can we say? We have a thing for sparkling wine, apparently. This recipe is so simple and quick, requires minimal ingredients, and sounds so refreshing. Check it out here.

And before you hit the beach this Independence Day, you won’t want to forget your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry - it’s kryptonite for sharks! Buy a family pack - you’ll save money AND give the whole family more peace of mind on your next trip to the beach. Remember, we want to help you “Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean”. We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July with your family!

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