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Road Trip Beach Destinations: West Coast Edition

This summer, everything is quite different. One of those many, many things? Summer vacation and the extensive planning (which is now even more extensive) that goes along with it. We’re here to help you navigate through this unprecedented time, so you can still have some family fun and make that much-needed vacation happen!


Hey, we’re back for some more road trip beach destinations! With many families opting to take road trips instead of air travel this year, we’re here to help you find some low-key, domestic beach destinations. Before you embark on your trip, please check with the state or local health department that you are traveling to first, as not all areas have lifted stay-at-home orders. Also, check out these considerations for travelers from the CDC.

But wait! If you’re not interested in heading to the Pacific for your beach vacation, check out our East Coast edition here (hyperlink) instead! Oh, and no matter which coast you travel to, don’t forget to get your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry first!


Yachats, Oregon

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Yachats, OR is often referred to as “the gem of the Oregon coast”. Conveniently located just 150 miles south of Portland, Yachats makes for a great beach vacation for adventurous nature lovers looking to unwind. The views are absolutely stunning here, so be warned - you’ll never want to leave.

"Nestled between lush temperate rainforest and rhythmic Pacific surf, the vibrant village of Yachats opens a window to the environment. It is a magical place for a peaceful retreat, outdoor adventure, inspiration, and romance. Come visit the gem of the Oregon coast and feel like a local.”
from Yachats

Port Townsend, Washington

Another charming beach town in the Pacific Northwest, Port Townsend is bordered by Puget Sound. One of the biggest attractions of Port Townsend (other than the beach) is the stunning Victorian architecture…sounds like you could find some cool Airbnbs! The beaches in Port Townsend are large and pristine, surrounded by wooden hills, open fields, and wildlife. This is yet another great beach vacation for nature lovers!


Cayucos, California

Conveniently located about half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cayucos is a great escape from the city. Still and serene, Cayucos has a laid-back vibe and is a great place to just kick back and relax. Although it is a small town, it is not lacking in things to do. Cayucos has great shopping (including antique stores!), dining, and views.

If Gilmore Girls had been filmed in California, it could have been filmed here. This homey, simple life beach vibe is why many families return to Cayucos year after year, visiting the same beloved places and reveling in the same beloved charm.”

Carpinteria, California

Located just south of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, CA is home of the “World’s Safest Beach”. Carpinteria, of course, has that SoCal vibe, but also has a retro feel with it’s mom-and-pop shops and antique stores. Travel just a bit inland, and you’ll find orchards and horse ranches. This is a great beach vacation for those who still crave that Midwest charm and comfort.


We hope you enjoyed this list of laid-back beach vacation destinations! If you are traveling this summer, these are all places where social distancing is feasible. Stay safe, have fun, and don’t forget your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry!

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תגובה אחת

08 בדצמ׳ 2020

I planning a small vacation with my friends this Christmas, probably a road trip. Please connect me with any good travel company or agency. I want to know what packages are they offering and is there any kind of discount on this Christmas season if we book early or if book through coupon platforms by using their codes (i.e. christmas coupons/christmas deals 2020). Please let me know! We want to travel a week before Christmas.

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