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Shark Week Activities for All Ages

Shark Week is coming up quickly; just five more days to be exact! Can you tell we’re excited?! Shark Week has some great programming that the whole family will enjoy and learn from. In addition, it’s also a great time to do some fun at-home activities with the kids. Oh, and in honor of Shark Week you might as well go ahead and order your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry - it keeps you safe and doesn’t harm sharks! Did you know we sell family packs?


Shark sensory bottle

This activity is especially great for the younger shark enthusiasts. We’ve talked about ocean-themed sensory bins before on our blogs, but what about a sensory bottle instead?! Hello, less cleanup! All you need for this shark themed sensory bottle is a clear bottle, clear (or glitter) glue, glitter, and a foam shark. Check out more on this activity here.

Shark math activities

Continue making #SharkWeek educational! There are so many shark related math games and activities out there! This is an especially great activity for those of us struggling with coming up with things to do for that at home learning. Check out this worksheet and this hands-on activity.

Doable arts and crafts

We get it, you don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of art supplies that will hardly be used to do some elaborate craft the kids will lose interest in halfway through. That’s why we’ve found a few crafts that are actually doable and can be made with things you likely already have.

Learn to draw sharks

For the older shark enthusiasts (or the younger ones if they’re interested) check out these awesome video guides for drawing sharks - there are 10 different options, including the now extinct megalodon! Support an artist and buy your kids hours of entertainment. Honestly, a super fun activity for adults too.


We hope you and your family enjoy these fun activities! We also want to remind you that now is such an opportune time to educate your kids (and yourself) that sharks aren’t the cold-blooded killers they are often depicted as. It’s also a great time to contact your representatives to urge them to pass the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act and protect sharks once and for all. Do all the things for #SharkWeek and enjoy your binge watching!

Psst…before you go, let us know which Shark Week program you’re most excited for in the comments below.

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