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Stop Vilifying Sharks!

What are some of the first words that come to mind when you think of a shark; are they words with a negative connotation, perhaps? Aggressive, maybe? Where did we even get that idea from? And why are we so afraid of sharks? Today we’re here to answer these questions for you and help remove the negative perception behind sharks! They’re incredible creatures that need our help to be protected.

While sharks are often portrayed as evil, aggressive creatures in pop culture, especially in film (did you know that Jaws is the reason Boss Momma Shea had an intense fear of the water and sharks from a young age?!), they are merely predators in the food chain, just like humans. While in film, they are often depicted as eating machines, they are not malicious creatures. Aidan Martin, former Director of the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research believes that sharks are better described as self-assertive, rather than aggressive, as there are many more creatures far more aggressive than humans. We found this to be a refreshing and eye opening perspective! It is very important to remember that the ocean is their home, not ours. We are merely visitors.

Now, on to the next question: why are humans so afraid of sharks? It is not, by any means, an unreasonable fear. Of course we 100% understand and recognize that it is still a scary thought and a real (but relatively uncommon) possibility. David Ropeik, a consultant on risk perception, explains that, more than anything, we are most afraid of losing control. “It's the nature of the experience, and not the agent, per say”, he adds. Sharks aren’t vicious; they’re just trying to survive (and humans aren’t the kind of food they’re searching for anyhow).

Here at Shark OFF, we respect sharks, while also validating your fear of a shark attack. We just want to remind you that sharks should not be vilified, though. They are not the mindless killers that Hollywood has often portrayed them to be (ahem…Jaws). At the end of the day, though, we want everyone to be able to fully enjoy the ocean with peace of mind, though, by using a product that really works. Our own personal fear drove us to make a reliable shark repellent jewelry for you. Remember; we want you to be able to “lose the fear and love the ocean”.

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