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The Best Beach Hacks!

Gearing up for spring break?! Here are some cheap, easy and effective beach hacks for your spring break vacay! You probably have a lot of these items around the house anyway

Hide. Your. Valuables.

The quickest and easiest way to ruin the vacation fun is having your stuff stolen at the beach! First of all, don’t bring your best tote or backpack along for the beach; you don’t want to advertise to thieves.

Additionally, try to leave cash and electronics in your hotel room (or in the glove box, out of sight) if possible, but if you need to bring it along, wrap it up (along with your keys!) in a diaper and then crumple it so that it looks dirty. No thief is going to want to search through that!

Don’t have any diapers around? Try stashing your valuables in an empty bottle of sunscreen!

Baby powder for sand removal!

After a long day at the beach there is bound to be sand everywhere. As much as I love the beach, I sure don’t want to bring all that sand back into my car, hotel room, bed or suitcase. I don’t know about you, but every single time I go to the beach I wind up tracking sand in my suitcase and taking it back home with me!

Just sprinkle some baby powder on your feet, hands, legs – wherever the sand is, and then brush it off. The baby powder absorbs the moisture, making the sand very easy to brush off. Just like that the sand is gone!

Also, it’s also very helpful to use this hack at meal and snack times so the kiddos (and you) don’t end up eating sand along with the beach picnic!

Cloudy goggles? Try baby shampoo!

Are the kiddos complaining about not being able to see through their goggles?

Just fill a small spray bottle ¼ of the way with baby shampoo and fill the rest of it up with water. Spray on the goggles and then after a few minutes, rinse it off. The shampoo will leave a film on the goggle lenses that prevents condensation from forming. No more fog!

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to buy your Shark OFFs before hitting the beach! At $29.95 each (or get a four pack for the family for the discounted price of $99.95), Shark OFF bracelets provide an invaluable piece of mind for the whole family while at the beach. Lose the fear, love the ocean!

We hope you find these hacks helpful for the whole family. Happy spring break!

P.S.If you use any of these hacks or bring your Shark OFF with you on spring break, don’t forget to tag us on social @thesharkoff!

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