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The Best Beach Hacks (Part 3)

So you’re taking off to the beach soon. You have taken the time to plan out as much as you can because you don’t want to worry about the details once your toes hit the sand. We get it. Which is why we have been collecting a quick list of cheats for your beach planning.

You can find some of our previous tips here!


30 - 120 Rule.

First: sunscreen. It’s important for reducing aging, skin damage, and even some cancers. And even though we have avoided the intense summer heat, the sun’s UV rays are still important to keep in mind. That’s why we want to remember the easy 30 - 120 rule. It’s really easy:

  • Sun screen up 30 minutes before you hit the beach.

  • Reapply sunscreen every 120 minutes as you are outside.

Its easy to hold the sunscreen until you hit the beach, but your skill will fare much better if you apply the shield thirty minutes before you get into the sun. Sunscreen also has a limit. Reapplying every two hours will help to keep your skin safe in all of the rays.


Mesh Beach Bag

Let’s face it, there is going to be sand everywhere. And it's going to be difficult to clean out of the car, the shoes, and… well, everywhere!

To combat this, we have really come to like using a mesh beach bag. This not only helps the problem of stealing the beach in your to-go bag, but it also limits the amount that you bring away in your towels, goggles, and the like.

Even better: by opting for a reusable bag over a disposable one, you’re keeping the ocean you love as clean as can be!


Leave-in Conditioner

Lastly, let's think about our hair. The sun will do its work to dry out your hair, but the salt water will make it incredibly dry.

However, the good news is that sea water has a lot of benefits for your hair: you will get more body and nutrients for your scalp, for instance. That said, its important to not let the saltwater do too much damage.

Our favorite fix here is a leave in conditioner. Alternatively, there are many natural oils which will also help to combat this problem!


So add the mesh bag and hair oil to the list, and remind the kids of the 30 - 120 rule! Double check your bags (making sure that your Shark OFF jewelry is there), take a deep breath, and remember to Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean!

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