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West Coast Beaches for the Nature Lover

We're always trying to find a new place to hike -- especially before we dive into the worst parts of winter! A late autumn hike is restorative. Being out this time of year allows you to see the seasons as they change, and reminds you that the world is always changing. With that said, where do you go? We’ve put together a few of our favorites. Before the weather gets to chilly, try to make it to one of them!


Cannon Beach, Oregon

First up we have Cannon Beach, Oregon. West of Portland and right off the Pacific, Cannon Beach has several worthwhile attractions. For hiking, try to catch Ecola State Park. You’ll find lots of giant boulders near the water which make for an amazing scene. Most notable of these is probably Haystack Rock -- this 15 million year old rock was formed by nearby mountains. And if that doesn’t catch your attention, then maybe the wildlife will. Cannon Beach has lots of neat creatures: my favorite is the tufted puffin.


Pfeiffer Beach, California

Okay, okay, Cannon Beach didn't catch your attention. But what about Pfeiffer Beach in California? Aside from its amazing state parks, you’ll find many exciting attractions.

A neat one is the self driving car tour. This trip takes you along the edges of cliffs all near by the water. Once you get past trusting your driverless car, you'll be off to see some amazing sites. Another neat car site, if you’re trying to avoid the cold, is Bixby Bridge. This bridge has some amazing views of the ocean. Looking a lot like the Golden Gate Bridge, it is in a more natural setting.


Anacortes, Washington

Maybe not so far South? Alright: further North again. How about Anacortes, Washington? They’ve got some delightful parks to check out. This small town also has some endearing coffee shops which, if you are like me, are an essential. Worry not. They have those too! (I’m really into The Store Grocery!) Anacortes also has some amazing places to check out the local wildlife -- you don’t want to miss it!


So which one sound like the best to you? We know our favorites, but we want to know what yours are! And, as always, don't forget your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry before heading to the beach!

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