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Our 3 Favorite Beach Vacation Hacks

Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? Good planning might be the difference between a fun time and a total drag. Whether you live near the beach or are visiting on vacation, these hacks can help you have a drama-free experience.

Hack #1 – Bring a King Size Fitted Sheet to the Beach

What?? Sheets make a great foundation at the beach because the sand slides right off. They are made of thin cotton, so they dry quickly. You will still want your towel to dry your body and to lay over the sheet to protect your tender bum from the hot sand.

Choosing a fitted sheet and making sure you lay it face down, so the pockets face up, will create a short border wall. That wall will prevent sand from being kicked into your beach sanctuary. You just have to remember to step over your little boundary.

To maintain your little sanctuary, you do need to bring substantial anchors for the corners of your sheet. Things like the cooler, beach chairs, and picnic baskets are perfect anchors for the corners of your sheets.

You can relax in a little sand-free luxury as you enjoy the beach and surf if you do a little pre-trip preparation.

Hack #2 – Bring an External Charger or Power Bank

Emergencies, unlike you, do not have vacation days. A fully charged mobile phone may save your life, or someone else’s life, if an emergency rears its ugly head. Or if the threenager suddenly needs to be distracted – to save their own life.

This cool number uses solar power to stay hot while you are charging your phone up to 5 times in its 2 standard USB ports and/or 1 USB C port. It also has a powerful flashlight. It’s perfect for winter days at the beach, when the sun sets long before you are ready to leave and you find yourself packing up in the dusk. And it’s waterproof. It’s a perfect beach accessory!

Hack #3 – Remember Your Shark OFF Jewelry!

Yup, you’re visiting the sharks’ house. Do the smart and easy (and super attractive) thing and get your Shark OFF. We don’t like to brag (but here it comes), but our kickass product combines amazing technology with attractive jewelry and ease-of-use in a way that NO OTHER product in the world does. Shark OFF is here to make losing the fear and loving the ocean possible for people everywhere. SHOP NOW

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