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Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2021

Whiskey, cheesy cards, monogrammed ties and coffee cups – these can all be cute gifts for your dad, but don’t you want to really treat him to something he’ll love? Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for 2021 to get you thinking outside the box.

IOU Tickets

This one is perfect for the dad who isn’t super interested in material gifts. Does he want to see Aerosmith for the 13th time? Maybe Stevie Nicks or Alice Cooper? You could also tell him to choose his favorite team, museum, or theme park! This is a great gift because you can experience the excitement of gift-giving, but then be by his side as he experiences the excitement of an amazing concert or event that you know he’ll love.

Gift certificates to a local butcher, cheese, or spice shop

Does your dad have that favorite spot in town that he only splurges on for special occasions? Go the extra mile for him! Get a gift certificate for the charcuterie board of his dreams. Spices are another wonderful gift that you never knew you needed. Some locally sourced smoked paprika, BBQ rub, or sriracha dip mix are sure to make him smile (and light up the grill).

3D Laser Cut Puzzles

I don’t know about you, but I think that every dad is a big ol’ nerd at heart. These 3-D Laser Cut Model Puzzles are both an intriguing activity and cool decoration. They come flat in the package, but are brought to life after assembled!

Yeti cooler bag

Is your dad the outdoorsy type? Whether he loves to fish, hike, bike or surf, he could use a great cooler bag. While it may not be the most exciting gift, it’s practical and something special he probably wouldn’t purchase for himself. Totally worth it.

Shark OFF - duh!

Last but certainly not least, get the father figure(s) Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry – it’s kryptonite for sharks! Not only will it give him (and you) more peace of mind at the beach, it’s also fashionable. Rio Waves is a fan favorite. Head on over to our shop today!

We hope you’ve found a great gift for Father’s Day 2021...we know how hard it can be to shop for dads sometimes. Now, get to shopping!

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