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Gift Guides for the Beach Lover: Valentine's Day (for Her)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming up way sooner than you think! Do you have that significant other who is a beach lover? Sure, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate, but maybe this year you can try something different? That said, we've put together a list of some neat, beach themed options to get for her!

Your first great option is this all natural Sea Mist Salt Spray. It’s great for your hair whether you're soaking up some beach time or not, building volume and smelling fantastic.

Or maybe you could get her this beach style bracelet -- it’s a great style for on and off the beach. She might like these ocean blue earrings instead, they are also made by a small business!

If she loves to have her name or initials monogrammed onto her things, then check out this beach towel. She'll love this (affordable) monogramming!

A beach tote is a nice option, too. This tote bag is best for the ones who love their products eco-friendly. It comes in many colors, too!

While you’re at it, why don’t you also get her something to support her self-care? Of course, she has to do her own self-care, but you an always help her out with it. Maybe these beachy bath bombs are just what she needs!

A nice pair of sandals are a thoughtful choice because they are not just limited to being used at the beach, even though they are great for that, too. This style is durable, stylish, and very beach friendly!

As you’re putting together her gift, think about throwing in some Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry! These bracelets are stylish on and off the beach, and are, of course, super functional in the water. Give her more peace of mind this Valentine's Day so she can "Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean".

Did this list give you any great ideas? Let us know what you’re going to get her... we promise we won't tell!


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