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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Did you know? A healthy ocean regulates climate and reduces climate change impacts. Ocean currents distribute heat across the globe, regulating temperature and weather. The ocean also absorbs over 90% of the heat and approximately 30% of carbon dioxide emissions produced by human activities.

No matter where you’re located, oceans are essential to all life on earth.

Along with the plain fact that the ocean stimulates the entire planet, plants, and birds that make the sea their home, there are countless reasons why we must work together to preserve ocean life.

The reality is, the ocean is sustaining all of us at this very moment. Regulating the air we breathe, the climate we live in, the food we eat and so much more.

Below are Top 5 positive strides we’ve made to save the ocean!

  • More ocean has been protected in the past 18 months than during any other period in history, yet still, only 3% is currently protected. To ensure we continue on this path, IUCN members established a goal to set aside 30% of our oceans for protection by 2030.

  • IUCN members call for internationally binding legislation to protect the high seas, the vast swaths of ocean that lie outside of any country’s jurisdiction.

  • Mission Blue and IUCN announced 14 new Hope Spots in addition to the 76 established Hope Spots around the world today.

  • Members declared that any IUCN ‘protected’ land or sea will also be considered off-limits for harmful industrial activities such as oil and gas, mining, infrastructure developments, and agriculture. Up until now, only World Heritage Sites have been recognized as no-go zones.

  • Hawaii Governor David Ige committed to protecting 30% of the state’s highest priority watersheds and effectively managing 30% of near shore waters by 2030 in addition to doubling food production and achieving 100% renewable energy by 2045.

The oceans provide livelihood, recreation, beauty, and wonder to billions around the world. Whether you live on the coast or far from it, whether you eat seafood or not, all of our lives depend on healthy oceans.

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