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A Guide to Ethical Hawai’i Travel

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Aloha friends! This week we’re going to talk about the incredibly beautiful and culturally rich Hawai’i. The islands of Hawai’i are a very popular attraction to people all over the world, but now, more than ever, it is SO important for us to do our research before planning our next beach vacation.

Before visiting these gorgeous islands, take a moment to reflect on the reality that the native Hawai’ian people continue to face the consequences of overpopulation, pollution, and an economy built on tourism rather than the cultivation of their own communities.

So how can we ethically visit Hawai’i? There are so many great things you can do when visiting the islands to support and respect the native culture and wildlife.


1. Know your species

There are many protected plant and animal species, so know which ones you can and cannot interact with! Hawai’i has become the endangered species capital of the world due to alien species being introduced to the wildlife. Plan to purchase sunscreen and bug spray that is safe to the local ecosystem. Check out our reef safe sunscreen blog post for some great options!

2. Respect boundaries.

We highly suggest enlisting a local guide to help with this. So much harm can come from going “off the beaten path” in Hawai’i, both to you and the local wildlife. Certain things and places are off limits for a reason! Be respectful, open, and eager to learn and listen.


We LOVE the ocean, therefore we keep beaches CLEAN! Not only that, we like to leave it better (cleaner) than we found it.

4. Listen, Learn, Support

if you do anything, do this. Visit these beautiful islands with the intention of supporting and patronizing the LOCALS! Listen to the natives, learn about the culture, and support their livelihoods!


If you want to learn more about Hawai’i, I highly suggest checking out Melliss on Instagram and TikTok. She is a great resource for becoming more aware and educated on how to support her beautiful culture. Stay safe out there y’all – thanks for reading! And don’t forget to get your Shark OFF Proven Shark Repellent before heading to Hawai’i!

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