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Best Beaches to Visit in The Fall

Summer is over, and the sunscreen and swimsuits are being packed away in SOME places, but there are still places where the sun is still out and the guns are still out. Or at least everyone’s toes are still in the sand. Here are some super cool ones. Let’s all dream together.

Descanso Beach - Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a popular vacation destination for celebrities. You know you want to go, because who doesn't want to be a celebrity for a week. It is 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles and is just as vibrant in the autumn as in the summer. More than 100 events take place in September catering to the all-night party people and the ones who want to be more orange than a tangerine. Looking for beach from your fave movie? You might find it if you stay at the Descanso Beach Club in Avalon. You can feel like a true goddess or god by hiring a cabana for the day or having a picnic served to your beach blanket. As if all that weren’t enough, head back to Santa Monica by boat in the evening and continue your sea worship at the Oceana Beach Club, a beachfront refuge with an outdoor heated pool and fireplace.

Myrtos Kefalonia – Greece

During the autumn, the Greek Islands truly shine, and none more so than gorgeous Kefalonia. Myrtos Beach is known for its white limestone pebbles and blue sea in the middle of two mountains and its breathtaking sunset views over the Ionian Sea. The Platanos Taverna in Assos, a tiny fishing hamlet four miles up the coast, is a great place to sample traditional cuisine like Kefalonian pork pie and drink wine or beer on the tree-shaded patio. Take it easy on ouzo or you might wake up on another island in the morning.

Plage des Salins: St. Tropez

Even though this posh French resort town is jam-packed with European aristocracy during the summer, by the end of September, they've left their luxurious hotels and high-end stores behind (thank god…who wants them hogging the place) allowing the rest of us to move in. So laze about on the grass and pine-covered dunes at Plage des Salins (near the famous Pampelonne but much more chill). Just be careful of falling pine cones… you don’t want to be taking all your selfies at the hospital. Between September 28 and October 6, you'll be able to mingle with the rich and famous. Who knows? You might find yourself a sugar momma (or kahuna) at the annual regatta, Les Voiles de St.-Tropez. Hundreds of boats from across the globe participate in the race, culminating in a week of celebrations.

We can’t all make it to Greece or St. Tropez , but we can appreciate the beauty. We hope you enjoyed dreaming with us! And don't forget to SHOP for your favorite Shark OFF

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