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Shark Movies You Should Miss

When it comes to weird combinations, shark movies take the cake. There is something about sharks that really inspires film makers to “jump the shark.” (We had to go there.)

So, in honor of Spooktober, here are the 5 Freakiest Shark Movies with the shortest possible recaps (because they are really lame and don’t deserve long recaps).

And our disclaimer (lest you forget we LOVE sharks): Shark movies are RIDICULOUS misrepresentations of sharks and their behaviors. For example, they don’t growl. And they don’t have it out for you. So let’s keep that in mind and have some fun.

#5 – 6-Headed Shark Attack

As if attending a marriage boot camp on a remote island weren’t enough horror, these poor people also have to fight off a six-headed shark.

#4 – Planet of the Sharks

In the near future, glacial melting has covered 90% of the earth. (See? They told us it was coming.) Sharks have flourished and now dominate the planet, operating as one massive school led by a mutated alpha shark.

#3 – Sharktopus

A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped create it tries to capture/kill it.

#2 – Zombie Shark

You know there had to be one with zombie sharks, amirite? Amber’s vacation turns into a fight for survival when a school of experimental Zombie Sharks start eating everyone.

#1 – Sharknado 1 - 5

Do these have plots? Sharks. Tornados. Combine. Mix well. Run screaming.

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