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The Shark Movies We LOVE

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Front view of a gret shite shark swimming at you

Okay, it’s probably NOT a shocker, but we love Halloween here at Shark OFF. Like sewing ridiculous costumes and decorating a bunch and scary mooooovies. A lot. Spooktober is our favorite month.

If you know the story of Shark OFF, you know it was born from fear. Our Boss Momma (CEO), Shea Geist, spent most of her life terrified of sharks because of (you guessed it) a movie. Now she and the Shark OFF team just love sharks and shark movies.

Of course, shark movies are RIDICULOUS misrepresentations of sharks and their behaviors. For example, they don’t growl. And they don’t have it out for you. So let’s keep that in mind and have some fun.

Here are some of our faves:

#3 – The Meg

We totally expected to be underwhelmed by this one, but had to see it anyway. It was a pleasant surprise! Don’t go calling the Oscars, but it was fun and just jumpy enough to keep it interesting. And then there’s Jason Statham in a wet suit. That works. (Why, yes, Boss Momma did write this.)

#2 – Deep Blue Sea

Another one we didn’t expect to get into, but it’s so much fun! Way under water with a couple of big-brained women who are tired of being messed with – and happen to be Great Whites. Plus LL Cool J being funny and smart – and his character survives. And Thomas Jane…in a wet suit. (Are you getting the pattern?)

#1 – Jaws

Of course. It’s the Mother of All Shark Films and the source of all things Shark OFF. Our Boss Momma saw Jaws at the drive in and it set off a lifetime of paralyzing fear in the water…in swimming pools…in Kansas City (she has an epic imagination). Regardless of all that, Jaws is a brilliant movie. It deserves it’s place in history. It’s unfortunate that part of that legacy is the death of possibly millions of sharks. The fear created by the film opened the door to the slaughter. Shark OFF hopes to help people lose that fear and inspire you to work to stop the slaughter.

Don't forget to BUY Shark OFF for the next time you get into the ocean!

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