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Shark Repellent? From Chiefs Territory?

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce to deliver on bet with Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce...which will include shark repellent jewelry!

(Kansas City, MO) – While we are brokenhearted for our beloved Chiefs, we congratulate Tampa and the Bucks on their Super Bowl win. The awesome Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce will be delivering on their bet with the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce...sending a basket of goodies from Kansas City small businesses. You can bet there will be some BBQ sauce, but there will also be some proven shark repellent jewelry! You read that right, Shark OFF - which is based in Kansas City and makes shark repellent jewelry based on patented technology developed in the Florida Keys - is proud to be one of those businesses. Shark OFF will be sending samples of their proven shark repellent jewelry.

When entrepreneurs Shea and Geoff Geist came up with the idea for Shark OFF, they knew they were in for a wild ride. They learned about the technology while watching Mike Rowe (of "Dirty Jobs" fame) interview one of the scientists that discovered and patented it. They were amazed that products using the technology weren’t everywhere! Their product aims to help people “Lose the Fear” and “Love the Ocean”.

“While our patented, proven active element is certainly effective, our mission is to help people get over their fear, enjoy time with their families and the beauty of our oceans,” explains CEO Shea Geist.

Shark OFF launched in 2019, after extensive testing in conjunction with the Bimini Biological Field Station (even though the technology was already established and heavily tested) that proved that the Geists’ chosen alloy truly is kryptonite for sharks.

We hope that everyone who receives our Shark OFF Proven Shark Repellent gets to “Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean” soon!

Geoff Geist

Big Kahuna (COO)



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