Lose the Fear

Love the Ocean


What is Shark OFF?

You know sharks have superpowers, right? You’ve heard they can smell blood in the water from far away. It’s true. While there are very few shark attacks on humans, fear genuinely impacts your beach experience.

But now you can “bite back” with Shark OFF’s® Shark Repellent Surfwear Jewelry.

It's kryptonite for sharks!

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The Bimini

Four pack of JAWsomeness - Our Best Seller!

Our attractive bracelets are the only shark repellent jewelry in the world! Your four pack of JAWsomeness is our most popular offer and we're so excited to come along on your adventures. Please tag us at #SharkOFFLife to follow others enjoying the majestic beauty of our oceans. And most of all - Lose the Fear. Love the Ocean.

10% of our profits go to



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