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NON-Magnetic Proven Shark Repellent SAFE for Electronics


Shark Repellent That Works

You know sharks have superpowers, right? You’ve heard they can smell blood in the water from far away. It’s true. While there are very few shark attacks on humans, fear genuinely impacts your beach experience.

But now you can “bite back” with Shark OFF’s
® Proven Shark Repellent jewelry. It’s kryptonite for sharks!

Keeping You & Your Family Safer

Shark OFF® shark deterrent empowers you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the ocean without fearing what lies in the dark depths beneath. Ready to wear and NON-magnetic, our shark repellent bracelets and anklets are must-haves for any beach vacation! Shop our beach-chic shark repellent bracelets today!



My family's lives were forever changed when my then three year old daughter Violet was bitten by a shark. But thanks to Shark OFF we were able to have peace of mind to reenter the ocean once again. 

Jessica testimonial


We spend a lot of time at the beach and are concerned about shark attacks... I did some research on the science and found out this is legit! The bracelet looks great and seems very durable... We highly recommend it!

Aaron testimonial


This shark repellent jewelry is amazing! Comfortable to wear and eases my mind knowing my kids and I are safe when we travel to the beach. Won't go to the beach without it!

Jenn testimonial
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