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Spring Break Wardrobe Essentials

Counting down the days until spring break? Me too! It’s time to start prepping the smaller details now, like your vacation wardrobe, so I thought I’d share my personal beach vacation wardrobe essentials.

Now before I get into it, here’s my biggest tip for you: do not overpack. Because, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to wind up bringing home some cute clothes from the window of a boardwalk boutique. Fact (okay... actually just a strong opinion): It’s more fun to shop on vacation!



Pack comfortable shoes! You’ll thank me later. Pack a cute pair of sneakers for all the walking you’ll be doing, and pack a pair of stylish sandals too! You can wear the sandals at the beach and dress them up for a nice dinner out. If your sandals aren’t dressy enough, go ahead and bring a nicer pair of shoes, but still try to keep it comfortable.


First of all, before you even start packing clothes, think about how many nice events you’ll be going to and pack accordingly. I definitely have a tendency to over-pack the fancy clothes and under-pack casual clothes. You want to stay comfortable, casual and cool on the beach!

Linen is in right now; it’s lightweight, eco-friendly, and versatile! Pack up a breezy linen shirt, or try some casual draw-string linen shorts. Also, jumpsuits and rompers are the best and I will defend this. First of all, it’s the easiest outfit; a one piece wonder. Throw on a denim jacket, sandals, and your floppy hat and you can be cool and casual, and then switch it out for some heels and lipstick for a nice dinner in the evening! I love a good day-to-night piece. I know this is a big statement, but I adamantly feel that jumpsuits and rompers are better than dresses with pockets, especially for a beach vacation. Windy day? No problem.

And don’t forget to pack at least a couple of items with a fun print! All different kinds of floral prints are in right now (aren’t they always?), but my personal favorite is a vintage floral print.


First of all, don’t go overboard on packing the accessories! You’re going to be at the beach, so leave the jewelry that you don’t wear daily behind. Also don’t bring anything too fancy, you’ll be enjoying the ocean after all. Bring a cute tote with you (and you can use it to stick all of your road trip essentials in there too) to bring with you to the beach. Remember to pack your sunglasses and a cute floppy straw hat to shield you from the sun as well!

Oh, and you can’t forget about the most important accessory; your Shark OFF bracelet!


I hope you found these wardrobe essentials helpful for your upcoming trip. Let me know your must-have wardrobe item for the beach in the comments below! Have a safe and rejuvenating spring break.

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