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Surviving the Family Road Trip

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Spring break is rapidly approaching! You’re probably getting ready to hone in on details of your vacation (or maybe you’re not quite there yet…no judgment). No matter how much you prepare for your vacation, though, things won’t always go according to plan. Guess what? That’s okay! Let’s at least try to minimize any snafus, though, and use these helpful tips to not only survive a long family road trip, but enjoy the ride too

First and foremost, put your lodging/event addresses into maps & download for offline use before leaving home! Don’t solely rely on your phone’s GPS. Heck, even print the directions if you want! Personally, I like to keep a map in my glove box too (go ahead…call me old fashioned). In case of an untimely technology failure or lack of reception (doesn’t that always happen at the worst time?!), you’ll still know where to go. Getting lost can be stressful for the whole family. Go ahead and take this extra step before departing and you’ll be set! Next, keep the kiddos (and you) occupied in the car. Before you leave the house, download at least a couple of the following onto your phone or tablet: games (educational ones are even better!), e-books or audiobooks, Netflix episodes, or your favorite podcast. Even more important, make sure everyone has their own set of headphones! Don’t forget to charge all devices and pack the charging cords. Additionally, remember to stick the charging cords, along with all of your other road-trip essentials in a tote bag or backpack to keep in the car with you for easy access (don’t bury it in the trunk). Also, consider purchasing a multi-outlet car charger if your family is tech-savvy. Last but certainly not least, bring reusable water bottles and coffee mugs along. Not only is this eco-friendly (stop buying single use plastic water bottles at the convenience store!) it will save a few bucks here and there, in addition to being much more convenient. Also, if you have little ones this will definitely reduce the number of spills and leaks in the back seat that we’re all trying to preserve. And that thermal coffee mug of yours will of course keep your coffee hot longer, instead of sipping on disappointing room-temperature hit-or-miss gas station coffee. We hope that these road trip tips are helpful for every member of the family! Share your road trip essentials and let us know your spring break plans in the comments! #springbreak #vacay #sharkoff #traveltipthursday

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