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The Best Beach Hacks (Part 2)

In case you missed our first “The Best Beach Hacks” blog, check it out here.

We’re back to offer you some more cheap, easy and effective beach hacks that will help out the whole family on your upcoming summer vacay! After a long beach hiatus, we’re so ready to be back.

Keep your sunscreen in the cooler

Okay, this one is pretty self explanatory. Although it’s super simple, it’s a total game changer. Cold sunscreen really just “hits different” on a hot summer day at the beach.

Also if someone happens to get a sunburn (it seems like at least one person in the family always does), keep the aloe in the cooler as well - instant relief!

Use baby oil for sand fleas!

Sand fleas can easily put a damper in the beach fun. Generously apply baby oil to ward off sand flea bites. The baby oil doesn’t technically repel sand fleas, but it creates a barrier on the skin that traps those “no see-ums” and prevents them from biting you.

Pro tip: mix a few drops of lavender, lemongrass, citronella, or tea tree essential oils in with your baby oil (or sunscreen) to help actually repel the sand fleas (and make it smell nice).

Turn your old beach towels into a towel/pillow combo!

For optimal comfort at the beach, check out this awesome beach towel blanket DIY. It includes a pillow and folds up into a practical bag that has a POCKET!

But don’t fret; you don’t need to be an expert sewer or go out and buy a bunch of supplies for this very practical DIY. All you need is two old towels, a pillow, and some extra fabric for the edges and pocket. Learn how to make it here. You’ll be #winning at the beach.

Make your own Capri Sun (and maybe spike yours)

We all know the kids love those fruit punch pouches. Go ahead and make your own in Ziploc bags - it’s so simple and they travel well. You can even set aside some of it to make your own “adult” pouches..just don’t forget to label it! Oh, and you’ll be saying goodbye to those artificial colors and sweeteners! It’s a win-win. Check out this yummy fruit punch recipe here.

By the way, we highly recommend using reusable silicone sandwich bags instead of Ziploc bags. They even have “legs” that hold them open for filling and keep your drink standing up once they are full. Make sure you pair it with a reusable straw!

(Psst....check out these “Capri Sun” recipes made just for adults. It’s so much cheaper than buying cocktails. You’ll be sure to find one you love.)

Don’t forget your Shark OFF!

As always, we recommend wearing your Shark OFF shark repellent jewelry whenever you go to the beach. Give the whole family more peace of mind at the beach and order your Shark OFF today; it’s kryptonite for sharks! Spend more time relaxing and less time worrying.


Don’t forget; if you use any of these hacks or bring your Shark OFF with you on your vacation don’t forget to tag us on social @thesharkoff! Enjoy!

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