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Your Pandemic Beach Guide

This summer, everything is quite different. One of those many, many things? Summer vacation and the extensive planning (which is now even more extensive) that goes along with it. Shark OFF is here to help you navigate through this unprecedented time, so you can still have some family fun and make that much-needed vacation happen!

What a strange time in the world. Some of us thought surely the virus would have been over by Memorial Day, and then it was the Fourth of July (in other words, 2020 is wack). Well, here we are; Labor Day is quickly approaching and it looks like the virus may be here to stay for a while longer. Anyway, we’re sure many of you are a little tired of hearing about and adjusting to “the new normal”, but we want to help you with your next getaway. So, if you’re planning on taking a trip to the beach anytime soon, check out these tips that will benefit the whole family.

And of course, always make sure to check with the local and/or state ordinances before heading to your vacation and stay up to date with CDC guidelines before you depart.


Pack your own picnic, but make it fun!

I’m sure you’ve already thought of packing your own food if you’re planning to go to the beach anytime soon, but make your picnic fun! Take it a couple steps further than PB&Js and cheese and crackers. Check out some great beach-friendly recipes here. Oh, and to take your picnic to a whole other level, make your own adult “Capri Suns” and pack them up in reusable bags!

Go to a low population beach

Avoid the busy beaches and check out beaches in smaller towns, or that are just outside of town. These beaches are often way cleaner and preserved anyway. Check out our East Coast and West Coast beach destination guides for some beautiful hidden gems.

Social distancing (of course)

Unfortunately, Shark OFF jewelry only repels sharks, not the people who stand too damn close without a mask on. We know that it can be tough for some kiddos to remember to socially distance, but we have some fun ideas that kids are often very responsive to! First, the easiest idea: just trace a box with a stick (or your finger) around your kiddo to create their own little “bubble” (honestly I know plenty of adults that need to do this). The kids can then take it to the next level and build a little sand castle fort. Another easy solution? Just plop down a large hula-hoop! When kids have a visual representation of their “bubble”, they usually do a great job at social distancing!

Bring disposable gloves

Despite your best efforts, at least one person in your party will need to use the communal bathrooms at the beach (which were already pretty unsanitary pre-pandemic). Bring disposable gloves to use and then immediately discard.


We hope you found this beach guide helpful. Again, always remember to check with local ordinances and the CDC before you head to the beach, and always practice social distancing! Also, we know you have a lot on your plate right now, so order your Shark OFF now and take something off your “things I have to worry about” list. Remember; lose the fear, love the ocean, and wear a damn mask.

P.S. use code "LABORDAY5" for $5 off any Rio of your choice (and as many as you want). Enjoy your shark repellent jewelry!

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