World's First Proven Shark Repellent Jewelry

Lose the Fear

Love the Ocean

Shark Repellent Jewelry!?!

You have a million things to worry about when your family is headed to the beach. We can't prevent sunburn, or getting sand everywhere, but we CAN help prevent shark bites.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe our top priority. We LOVE the ocean but like most people we were afraid of sharks - especially our Boss Momma (CEO), who saw Jaws when she was very young. We were blown away when we found out that technology to repel sharks had been around for YEARS. We jumped at the chance to bring that technology to you and your family. We want everyone to Lose the Fear and Love the Ocean.

Sara Blakely Reviews Shark OFF
Sara Blakely Reviews Shark OFF
Shark OFF Bimini Style

The Bimini Style

The one & only original


Bimini Style TuPack

Bimini Style 2Pack

Save 9% when you buy two!


Bimini Style Ate Pack

Bimini Style 8Pack

Save 15% when you buy eight!


Ocean Voyages Institue Image

Giving 10% Back to the Oceans

Shark OFF is dedicated to to more than just your peace of mind. Our "super secret" goal is actually to save the oceans and ecosystems. The most direct way we can do that is by donating 10% of our profits to Ocean Voyages Institute in support of their simple, proven, and yet ground breaking efforts to cleanup the massive amounts of plastic trash in our oceans (Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch).


Years of Research

This technology was discovered over a dozen years ago in an attempt to save sharks.

Tested Ourselves

Despite the many years of research we made sure Shark OFF worked ourselves!

Leading Scientists

This groundbreaking science has been peer reviewed and study by the world's leading scientists.

Look, we're moms too. We know that keeping our children safe is our top priority, bar none. We also know that the majority of the planning, packing, booking tickets, and daily itineraries land in our laps. So, we'd like to help you with our freakily-comprehensive, hack-filled FREE Beach Vacation Planning Guide. It includes all of the things to keep your kids safe at the beach, life jackets, sunscreen, towels, and of course, your Shark OFF Shark Repellent Bracelets.


Shark OFF Shark Repellent Belongs on EVERY Beach Vacation Checklist

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