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April Shark News!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

This just in! Sharks and shark scientists all over the world are doing amazing things and we want to shed light on more than just shark bites. It’s our mission to protect humans AND sharks, which means celebrating the crazy new things happening in the ocean nowadays.

Starting off strong in the United Kingdom, scientists will be employing “the world's largest network of underwater wildlife monitoring systems in 10 overseas territories”. It’s no secret that the ocean is still a huge mystery to us, and this 4 year project could help with understanding different species’ eating and mating patterns. This is part of the plan to conserve and restore 30% of the earth’s oceans by 2030.

Moving over to Mexico, and millions of years in the past, a new species of prehistoric shark was discovered! The Aquilolamna milarcae swam in the Late Cretaceous oceans, approximately 93 million years ago. This gnarly looking dino-shark “was a relatively slow swimmer, using both its long pectoral fins and tail to glide through the water while scooping up suspended plankton using its large, gaping mouth.”

Another exciting advance in shark science is shedding light on different personal electronic technological advances that can prevent shark attacks. THAT’S US! We are so stoked that people are talking about this technology. This article from the Boston Herald says that 1,063 people could be saved from shark attacks by 2066 if more people start using devices like Shark OFF! This also means that sharks will be spared from retaliation by humans, and hopefully stay out of popular swimming and surfing areas.

Sharing these shark wins, as well as protecting sharks and rays all over the world, is our mission here at Shark OFF. If you want to help protect sharks, head over to our shop and get a Shark OFF of your own!

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