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Holiday Gift Guide for the Beach Lover

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to start searching for gifts! We get that it might seem a little early, but this has been one hell of a year and honestly, who doesn’t need something nice to look forward to? Shopping for your beach loving friends? We have put together an excellent list to help you with this precise task! We found some must have items for your next beach trip. Check it out!

First up, get yourself a sand and water resistant towel. I have always hated when I leave the beach and the beach comes back in my towel -- getting a resistant towel will help with this. You’ll be able to keep the sand on the beach without a worry, and even avoid your towel getting soaked!

A great pairing for your towel is an anchor. These will help keep your beach seat situated on windy days so you will not need to fuss with it all.

Keeping yourself sand free isn’t the only thing: you also wanna keep the beach out of your bag. The easiest way to do this is to get yourself a special beach bag. These are nice because they are mostly mesh, so they insure that all of your belongings are not bothered. Better yet: these bags are not expensive!

But what about the sun? Some of our favorite beach days are spent in the shade, and because of this we LOVE to bring an umbrella to the shore with me. Here are a few options for you to check out!

Oh, and can't forget about ACCESORIES! We love a stylish, quality sunhat and we're sure your loved one will too! Or maybe they're in need of a nice pair of shades! This is especially a great gift for those that we know won't spend the money on themselves.

Last but not least, and trust me, we have saved the best for last, we have the obvious beach necessity: your Shark OFF shark repellent band! These bands will keep the sharks away and let the family play. Our durable beach wear is a must have for beach adventures. Go ahead! Lose the fear and love the ocean!


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