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Your Guide to Shark Week 2021

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hello Shark OFF family! The time has come for our favorite week of the year – the week where we get to take part in both learning AND educating the world about our favorite deep sea finned friends. Cue the JAWs theme, it’s Shark Week! Starting this Sunday, July 11th, keep an eye on our Instagram and TikTok for shark facts, sitewide sales, and more. Meanwhile, here’s your guide for all things Shark Week!

When: July 11–18

Did you know you can catch the early release shows right now on Disney Plus?! “Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth” is out now to get the week started.


You can watch #SharkWeek (or SHARKFEST) programs on your local Discovery channel, but this year you can also stream on Disney Plus! If you don’t have Cable, local channels, or Disney Plus, you can pay the low fee of $4.99/month for an Ad supported version of Discovery Plus.


There is so much amazing content coming out this year, including celebrity guest appearances from William Shatner, Tiffany Haddish, Brad Paisley, the cast of Jackass, and many others who will be diving into the water for extraordinary shark adventures. Don’t miss Australia’s sweetheart, Robert Irwin, in “Crikey, It’s Shark Week!” on Sunday at 8pm! Irwin and his family are doing important work for Wildlife Warriors at the Australia Zoo. Working with dozens of world renowned scientists, Discovery will be presenting amazing new research on the world’s most incredible and misunderstood sea creatures.

We can’t wait to watch, listen, and learn everything we can about how to protect the world’s sharks. Head over to our website to get 15% off on July 11–18 with code SharkWeek21, and as always, lose the fear and LOVE the ocean (and the amazing creatures that live there)!


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