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AI Tour Guides!?!

Time, money and energy. Three things most families are lacking on vacations. You want to take the kids to learn something while their brains are in summer mode, but tour guides are expensive and may not take you to the locations that will keep everyone engaged. But, there’s a solution. Why pay for the guide when technology lets you be your own guide? There are dozens of apps on the market that can help you become the tour guide your family has been looking for.

The easiest of these is Google Goggles. Snap a picture of the landmark you want to learn about, and within seconds find articles and endless information on what is right in front of you. Android users can download Google Goggles from the app store, while IOS users can access it from within the Google mobile app. If you are looking for nearby attractions while on the road, consider an app like Roadside America. Wherever you are headed, don’t let someone else lead your vacation, spend time learning about what you want to!

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