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America – Hell Yeah!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It’s that time again, friends! Time for BBQ, fireworks, and celebrating this great country we live in..and hopefully some time at the beach! Nowadays, we understand that it may be hard for some to truly celebrate living here, especially with Fourth of July 2021 rapidly approaching. We have a lot of work to do to make it a great place for people of every gender, race, and sexual preference, but let’s take a moment to sit back and appreciate the positive parts of a very difficult year.

  • Carbon emissions are down globally and with manufacturing and air travel grinding to a halt, the planet has had a chance to rejuvenate.

Nature is literally healing! Our land and oceans are on the up and up. That’s something great to celebrate.

  • Increasing inclusivity in the workplace

The pandemic was an opportunity for companies to show how much their employees really mean to them. Many have learned that taking care of their people and allowing them to work from home is a win-win situation!

  • Record high voter turnout in the 2020 election!

America showed up for the 2020 election with record-breaking voter turnout. People are tuning in to what’s happening in this country for the better. With this energy moving forward, change and progress is on the horizon!

  • First woman VP AND the first POC VP

Say it with me – Kamala Harris! Representation MATTERS! There’s something to celebrate this Fourth of July 2021.

  • Rep. Deb Haaland became the first Native American to hold a cabinet position

It’s always a good time to remember that we live on stolen land. This is one small step closer to the representation and equity Indigenous people deserve! And a little shout out to our own badass Native American Representative Sharice Davids!

  • The Black Lives Matter Movement was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Kicking ass and taking names. The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for the way its call for systemic change has spread around the world.

  • Your favorite shark repellent is persevered against the pandemic!

We really can’t express how grateful we are to everyone who has supported us, and other locally-owned, woman-owned, and Latinx-owned small businesses, over the past 18 months. We are stronger than ever and it’s all thanks to you!


Healthier, safer, and happier days are ahead of us. We hope everyone has a very happy Fourth of July 2021, and we hope you get to make your way to the beach. Don’t forget to head over to our shop for free shipping anywhere in the United States!

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