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Beachy Cocktails and Mocktails

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Picture this: you’ve finished yet another long day of working from home, you’ve been inside all day, and you’re tired of the same post work day booze or treat, but your friendly neighborhood Shark OFF blogger comes to your rescue with some liquid sunshine. COVID has thoroughly taken its toll and we are well deserving of a few new cocktail (or mocktail) recipes to spice up the hours not spent on Zoom meetings. Whether you live near the beach or not, these mixes

are sure to make you feel warm and relaxed!

Starting off strong, we have this glorious Sand Bucket Cocktail. It’s a mix of delicious juice, rum, fresh fruit, and a floating hard seltzer. For our nonalcoholic friends, just leave out the rum, add coconut reàl, and float a sprite or some soda water!

Next up is a New Orleans favorite, the Hurricane. This drink was brought to life in the 1940s due to a surplus of rum, which was easier to acquire than whiskey and other liquors. Pat O’Brien’s, the bar where the OG Hurricane was made, sold over half a million of these puppies each year after its release.

Looking for something simple and not so sweet? If a cold beer is more up your alley than these fruity cocktails, you’ll love a Mexican Bulldog. Just take a Corona, or your favorite Mexican beer, and top with a few ounces of margarita mix! Tangy, refreshing, and delicious.

Here’s an awesome resource for some tasty drinks sans alcohol – we love a nice, refreshing mocktail!

I hope these recipes have given you some ideas for how to spice up those post this-should-have-been-an-email meeting hours. Please enjoy responsibly (it’s not like any of us leave our homes anymore anyways) and stay safe out there!

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