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Don't Advertise to Pickpockets

Nothing says “steal me” like a nice camera bag, expensive purse, or nice backpack. When you leave your stuff on the beach to go play in the water, you don’t want to have to worry about who might see your nice bag and decide to pick it up. Instead, try a deceiving grocery bag or an unassuming chapstick tube to hide your valuables!

By putting valuables in an unassuming bag, you are telling thieves that you don’t have anything for them. Try putting your camera bag at the bottom of a grocery bag and placing your beach day snacks on top. Even when someone may look in, all they see is lunch!

If you need to bring spare cash to the beach, skip the purse and grab an old chapstick. Clean out the tube and you have a perfect place to store a wad of cash! Stick the tube in your grocery bag, or even bring it in a pocket swimming. The plastic should protect your cash, and you can enjoy your time with some peace of mind.

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