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Handle with Care

Have you ever had a long day of travel, only to open your suitcase at your destination to find a giant mess or broken items? Nothing starts a vacation off on the wrong foot quite like mishandled luggage. While you can’t guarantee that your luggage is going to be handled perfectly, you can increase your chances by adding a fragile sticker to your bag.

Most airlines offer fragile stickers for free, just ask! They do not guarantee that your luggage will arrive safely, but an airline endorsed fragile sticker does encourage employees to be a little more careful when loading. Try putting the sticker close to the handle, where the airline tag is. If your luggage is marked as fragile, it may also be put on top of the rest of the luggage, which means its first out when you arrive!

Above all, be smart about packing. Hard suitcases protect better than soft, and if you are really nervous about a bag, buy travelers insurance. You don’t want to ruin a trip just because your luggage didn’t come back as expected.

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