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Spring Break 2021 on a Budget

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Spring Break is coming soon, but travel can be so expensive! We’ve put together a collection of super easy tips to make this year’s trip all the easier for you. Maybe this year isn’t the year for traveling during Spring Break, but these tips will certainly help with your planning for next year.

Please remember to check all travel restrictions in your own area and the area you want to travel to before planning your trip.

Book and buy early!

If you know that you will be traveling, then it can be very cost effective to book in advance! This doesn’t always work, of course. Sometimes during busy travel times prices will actually be higher. It’s usually best to keep an eye on the prices and see how they change overtime, to get a good idea of when it’s a low price.

Or… don’t!

To completely go against the last point, sometimes prices are lowest right before you are taking off on the trip. Now, this one is a bit of a gamble, of course, but it can also turn out well in your favor. If you’re wanting to take the risk, hold off on buying!

Go where there is free public transport

Gas is expensive, and if you’re flying into the area then it can be even more expensive to try to get a car there with you. Cut this whole expense out of your budget by traveling to a place which is walkable with great public transportation. It will ensure that you get everywhere you need to be, and also save you a lot in the long run!

Student discounts!

For students out there, college students especially, ask about student discounts! Lots of places have fantastic discounts available for students ranging from discounts to free items. Be sure to bring along a student ID of some sort, and always remember to ask! You’ll be surprised by how many places offer discounts!

Pack your own food

Within reason, of course. You will want to try out some of the food at the local places, but if you hold back from eating even one meal a day at expensive food venues then you will be saving big. Be sure to pack easy to eat finger foods that don’t take a lot of preparation – it will free up all sorts of money for you to get the dessert at dinner without your wallet feeling guilty! Honestly, booking an AirBnB or VRBO with a kitchen (with your pandemic pod, of course) will save all sorts of money. Go get a ton of fresh seafood at the local market and cook it yourself! YUM.

So now that you have some strategies for traveling cheap, where are you going to go? Well, we've got you covered: check out our other blog on great Spring Break destinations for college students! Oh, and don’t forget to get your Shark OFF proven shark repellent before you hit the beach - get the four pack of our original Bimini bracelet with your buddies to save some coin!

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